How To Take off the Back Wheel of Your Electric Bike?
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How To Take off the Back Wheel of Your Electric Bike?

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How To Take off the Back Wheel of Your Electric Bike?

If you own an electric bike, eventually you will come into circumstances where you will need to take your rear wheel off. It could be either to repair a rear flat tire, fix the hub motor, or deal with some other maintenance issues. The rear wheel on an electric bike is a little more complicated to take off compared to a regular bike since it has more components and electrical wirings that connect the rear hub. In this article, we will detail how to remove the rear wheel from a hub driven e-bike.

1. Preparation

The main reason to remove your e-bike’s rear wheel is to replace the tube or tire. You would usually do that as a result of damage, but you can also change out your e-bike tire to suit your terrain. A change in tires can help riders transition from urban and light trail riding to adventurous or rugged off-roading. For the first, take time to sort over before removing and prepare the equipment.

Equipment You Will Need:

Bolt and axle nut sizes will vary across models. Be sure to choose the tools that match your unique bike.

Allen wrench(es) that match your retainer bolt and derailleur guard bolt size (ex. 4mm wrench)

Adjustable open-end wrench, or open-end wrench(es) that match your axle nut size (ex. 18mm and 19mm)

Small cable clippers

All is ready, and then will start take the back wheel off. There are 4 steps of wheel removable.

2. Removing Your E-Bike’s Rear Wheel

Following many steps to removing the rear wheel, Removing the rear wheel of your e-bike takes multiple steps, and it might seems quite complicated, but don’t be intimidated. We’ll walk you through it step by step. The display ebike is Merrygo Paladin mountain e-bike


Step 1:

Using the shifter on the right side of your handlebars, shift the chain into the highest gear (#7) so that the chain will be in the furthest outboard position. Keep in mind that the chain must be in motion to change gears, so you might need to lift the bike and use the pedals to spin the wheel in order to get the chain into the correct gear.

remove wheel                                                            removeal ebike wheel

Step 2:

Disconnect the electrical connection wire that connects the motor to the battery. Also remove any zip ties that may be holding the wire onto the frame. This will allow you to eventually fully remove the wheel from the frame.

ebike back wheel take off                                                             take off wheel

Step 3:

Locate and loosen nuts securing axle to the frame. The nuts will be covered with protective plastic cap which will need to be removed before loosening. Also before loosening, take note of the position of the spacers so that you can match the same positioning when re-installing the wheel in the dropouts.

-Use an 18mm crescent wrench to loosen the nuts, starting with the non-drive side of the bike.

tire remove                                 tire removal                              tire remove2

Remove wheel from the dropouts.

First position the bike on the ground.

With one hand on the frame of the bike, lift upward while applying downward pressure on the wheel with your other hand. You should be able to separate the wheel from the frame at this point. If you cannot separate the wheel from the bike, check to make sure the axle nuts need to be loosened more.

Next you may need to assist the chain in separating from the freewheel. Pulling or pushing the derailleur downward and allowing some slack in the chain will help the chain to release and your wheel will be completely separate from the bike at this point.

ebike tire remove                                                                          ebike tire removal

Now that the wheel is out, be careful to not set the bike directly down on the ground, as the weight of the bike would be resting on the derailleur. You can use the kickstand and handlebar to gently lean against a wall or alternatively you can use something beneath the bottom bracket to prop up the bike.

With proper care, your wheels will take you far! Instead of removing and installing wheel, take care of them is nice idea.

3. Top Maintenance Tips for Your E-Bike Wheels And Tires

Keeping your ebike tires in tip-top condition will not only keep you from being stuck on the side of the road, but it can also help prevent an accident and prevent you from paying for expensive repairs in the future. To learn more about how to keep your ebike tires in the best shape possible and provide you with fun rides all year round, continue reading below.

Check tire pressure along with tire and rim condition.

Check this before every ride; from debris to rough terrain, many things can change the condition of your tires or rims on any given ride.

Inspect wheel quick releases.

Make sure all quick releases are tightened and secure. These hold your wheel securely to the frame, so they’re essential for a safe ride.

Check spoke tension.

Broken spokes compromise the balance and integrity of your wheel, which can lead to major accidents. Grab each spoke pair (the 2 spokes that cross each other diagonally along the radius of your wheel) on each side of both wheels. If any spokes feel tighter or looser than the rest, don’t ride — take your bike in for service.

Check for wheel trueness.

Grab one end of your frame and lift your e-bike off the ground. Look at your wheel from the top down and spin it. If you see any wobbling from side to side, your wheel might be out of true, making it unsafe to ride. Take your bike in for service.

4. Conclusion

The steps we outlined here should work for any rear hub motor e-bike, If you are unclear about any of the information described in your e-bike manual, please make an appointment with a certified mechanic  to service your bike. Be caution that  any improper wheel installation might  result in serious injury or even death.