How Much Power Does an eBike Need?
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How Much Power Does an eBike Need?

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How Much Power Does an eBike Need?

The basic question asked by someone who is purchasing an electric bike is how much power does an eBike need? Well, the answer to that question might not be so simple. With many different variations of batteries like 36V, 48V, etc choosing appropriate power becomes difficult. I hope you find some value in this post.

More battery wattage = more power to your bike = more payload capacity

Watts = Battery voltage × Current in Amps of controller

1. How Many Watts Is Good For An ebike?

500 watts is a good starting point for an ebike. However, this will vary depending on the specific needs of the rider. For example, if you plan on riding in hilly terrain, you may need a bike with more power.

Alternatively, A bike to use primarily for commuting, a lower wattage may suffice. Ultimately, it is important to consult with an expert to determine the ideal wattage for your particular situation.

For an ebike, a good range of watts would be 250-500. This would allow you to get up to speed quickly and have enough power to maintain your speed on hills.

I have tried to explain these power ratings in simple terms with the help of a comparison table.




100-120 lbs (~50kg)

Flat Surface


Irregular Terrain


150-170 lbs (~70kg)

Flat Surface


Irregular Terrain

750W – 1000W

200 lbs and above (90kg+)

Flat Surface


Irregular Terrain

1000W +

2. 500w vs 750w vs 1000w ebike (Which One Is Faster)

The main difference between the 500w vs 750w, vs 1000w ebike is their motor wattage. The 500w ebike has a motor wattage of 500 watts, while the 750w ebike has a motor wattage of 750 watts, and finally, the 1000w ebike has a motor wattage of 1000 watts.

Now, let's take a look at each one of these motor wattages and see what they really mean in terms of the speed of the ebike.

The 500w motor is going to be the slowest of the bunch. It can still get up to speeds of 20 mph, but it's not going to be as fast as the 750w or 1000w.

The 750w motor is going to be faster than the 500w, but not as fast as the 1000w. It can get up to speeds of 25 mph.

And finally, the 1000w motor is going to be the fastest of the bunch. It can get up to speeds of 30 mph.

500w Vs 750w Ebike Motor

500W motors are smaller and lighter, making them more maneuverable. They're also cheaper and require less maintenance. However, they have a lower top speed and may overheat more easily.

750W motors are more powerful, allowing for higher top speeds. They're also more durable and can handle greater inclines. However, they're more expensive and may be too powerful for some riders.

Both bikes have their own features. It is better to choose any bike as per the requirement.

Below is our electric bike with 500W motor and 750W motor:

ebike 500W motor

ebike 500W motor-1

750w Vs 1000w Ebike Motor

The 750w motor is significantly smaller and lighter than the 1000w motor. It is also more efficient, meaning that it will require less power to run at the same speed as the 1000w motor. The 750w motor is a good choice for those who are looking for a more lightweight and efficient option.

The 1000w motor, on the other hand, is a bit larger and heavier. It is also less efficient, meaning that it will require more power to run at the same speed as the 750w motor. The 1000w motor is a good choice for those who are looking for a more powerful option.

Below is our electric bike with 750W motor and 1000W motor:

ebike 750w motor

ebike 1000w motor

Which Is the Best For You?

It's tough to give a definitive response to this issue because people's preferences differ. However, if I were to make a common appraisal among all of mentioned above watt ebikes, I would recommend the 750W ebike motor.

All of these ebikes motors are proficient for tough tasks, but the 750W option will surely provide greater power. It will let you climb up to the hills and run on difficult terrain more successfully than a 500W ebike motor. The 750W and 1000W ebike motors have a more sophisticated crowning speed than the 500W ebike motor. Furthermore, the faster they overcome barriers, the better.

3. Are 1000W Rated e-bikes Allowed?

In the U.S, most states prohibit the use of 1000W e-bikes in public spaces. Currently, only six U.S states: Kansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Oregon, and Virginia allow electric bikes with power ratings up to 1000 Watts on public roads and tracks. Federal law in the United States does not make it illegal to own a 1000W rated e-bike and other motor vehicle labels. Usually, the individual States describe e-mopeds at speeds achievable at 30 miles per hour and in the 1000W range. They may include a few other requirements, such as a driver's license, a helmet, and other safety clothing.

4. Conclusion

We hope that you have understood about the 500w vs 750w vs 1000w ebike. These all bikes have their own importance. The speed and the terrain are the main deciding factors when choosing an electric bike.

For more speed, then you must choose a 1000W ebike and for hilly regions, then you may need a 1000W – 1500W ebike.