Everything You Need to Know About Aluminum Frame Electric Bike
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Everything You Need to Know About Aluminum Frame Electric Bike

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Everything You Need to Know About Aluminum Frame Electric Bike

Electric bikes can be manufactured using different frame materials. The commonly used ones are: carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum. However, aluminum frame e-bikes seem to be more popular these days, which is due to their numerous benefits. It is most common in newly manufactured modern electric bikes. The affordability, strength, and lightness make it more adaptable than its alternatives.

This article will discuss the aluminum that are used to design and build electric bikes that will guide you and help you when looking to purchase an electric bike.

1. What Should I Know About Aluminum eBikes frame?

Aluminum electric bike frames comprise 80% to 90% of all e-bike frames being manufactured today. There are many reasons that aluminum e-bike frames are so popular. Aluminum is strong, affordable, lightweight, and easy to use in the manufacturing process.

Aluminum comes in two main categories: 6061 aluminum alloy and 7005 aluminum alloy. By using this industry-standard material, ebike is then able to pass on the savings to customers in the form of competitive pricing. By contrast, 7005 aluminum alloy is a more robust material but will result in a higher-cost bike. 7005 is more expensive, heavier, more resistant to corrosion, and stronger in general. Not everyone wants a heavier or more expensive bike, but the trade off may be worth it for some riders.

For the next, Let us to learn about the advantages and disadvantages as electric bike frames.

2. The Pros and Cons Of Aluminum Frame

Aluminum alloy-made electric bikes are among the best to go for if you are looking for a cheap, light fast-moving electric bike. Its lightness makes it easy to move fast and is commonly used by bike racers and recreational purposes. The characteristics of aluminum alloy will determine its advantages and disadvantages as electric bike frames are discussed below.

Advantages (Pros) Of Aluminum Alloy

Some of the factors that make aluminum a good alloy for an electric bike frame include:

  • Cheap To Purchase: 

  • One of the advantages of aluminum compared to other metals is that it is cheap in terms of finances for you as the purchaser. This is because the making of the aluminum bikes is pretty cheap since the amount of time required to manufacture is less, and the skills required to make the bikes are not expensive to employ, which cuts down its price to a much more affordable one than other metals.

  • Light in Weight: 

  • The lightweight aluminum alloy contributes to the fastness of an electric bike. This makes it an easy ride to work with, making it preferable for bike racers. It is undeniably lighter compared to magnesium alloy.

  • Rust Resistant: 

  • Aluminum alloy has a low rusting ability compared to other bike frame alloys. This is effective if you are a bike rider or bike racer that rides through wet grounds as you need not worry about the rusting of the bike parts due to the aluminum alloy’s high resistance rusting power.

  • It Is Faster: 

  • Aluminum electric bikes are faster than magnesium alloy electric bikes due to their lightweight.

  • Its Stiffness:

  • Aluminum electric bike frame stiffness makes riding easy, especially for bike racers. The transfer of pedaling force immediately makes it faster and easier to ride, especially in sharp corners and turns.

Disadvantages (Cons) Of Aluminum Alloy

Despite its advantages, aluminum alloy electric bikes also have a few disadvantages that make them less effective than other alloy electric bike frames. The cons of aluminum electric bikes are:

  • Poor Shock Absorber: 

  • This is one of the disadvantages of aluminum alloy electric bikes as they have poor absorption of road vibrations, making them uncomfortable for the rider. This gives a poor riding experience, especially on bumpy roads.

  • Complicated Welding Process: 

  • Once an aluminum-framed electric bike suffers damage and cracks, welding is complicated and requires much work. Nevertheless, the ability of the cracked aluminum-framed bike to perform effectively as before is reduced, and it won’t serve strongly as before.

  • Low Durability and Life Span: 

  • Aluminum frames are prone to metal fatigue. Its lifespan is 2-3 years as its strength changes significantly the more you ride the electric aluminum bike than carbon-framed electric bikes.

  • Less Comfortability: 

  • Due to the poor ability of aluminum-framed electric bikes to absorb shock and road vibrations, the road vibrations are directly transmitted to the rider making it less enjoyable and uncomfortable.

  • Difficult To Repair: 

  • Aluminum electric frame bikes are more difficult to repair and more complicated as it requires a lot of time and expertise to fix the cracked bike.

  • Easy To Break: 

  • Due to its light nature, it is easy for it to break, making it less preferable than carbon and magnesium, especially if ridden through rough trails.

Below is our company new electric bike with aluminum frame:

Super Hero Electric bike with Aluminum frame

3. A Summary of the Pros of others eBike Frame Material

Whether you should pick an aluminum, steel, titanium, or carbon fiber eBike frame will depend significantly on what you plan to do with your electric bike and your own experience. When you ride, where you ride, and how you ride matter as much as your previous biking experience. Do you want a dedicated bike that can tackle challenging trails or a casual bike to explore the town with? Below are the others material advantages for your reference:


  • The easiest frame material to repair.

  • The most common frame material in older bike frames.

  • Good, natural shock absorption.

  • Long-lasting while being more affordable than titanium and carbon fiber.


  • The frame with the best weight-to-durability ratio.

  • The longest-lasting material with the best corrosion resistance.

  • Easier to repair than aluminum and steel frames.

  • Provides a smoother riding experience compared to other frame materials.

Carbon Fiber:

  • The lightest frame material.

  • Non-metal base, so it degrades differently and won’t rust like the other frames.

  • Strong durability despite the light frame build.

  • It can be used to create more complex frames not possible with other electric bikes.

4. Conclusion

Once you understand the importance of aluminum electric bike frames, ensure you invest in a premium material. The brand's quality can influence your aluminum bike's durability. You can go through the specification of particular electric bikes to meet your needs better. With this article’s guidance, you will be able to pick the best electric bike frame that fits your taste and preference.