How To Fix Ebike Pedal Assist Malfunctioning?
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How To Fix Ebike Pedal Assist Malfunctioning?

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How To Fix Ebike Pedal Assist Malfunctioning?

Even though your e-bike throttle is relatively small in size, it can have a significant impact if it were to ever stop working correctly. That’s why all e-bike owners must understand how to troubleshoot and fix an e-bike with a pedal assist problem. Still, the problem might not be the pedal assist itself, but it could also be another parts.

In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about troubleshooting your e-bike’s pedal assist problems.

1.What is ebike pedal assist?

Each of our ebikes is equipped with an electric motor. Its job is to add a little extra oomph to your ride. Once you activate it, you’ll immediately notice that each pedal stroke suddenly seems a little easier. This is pedal assist in a nutshell.

All of our bikes come with an easy to use display on your left handlebar. By pressing the up or down arrows, you can control how much power the motor sends to your pedals.

You should start at a low setting, like level 1, which will make you feel like there’s a steady hand guiding your ride with a soft push. Once you get used to that, you can experiment with higher settings, which go from giving you just a tad more help to putting a whole lot of power behind each stroke (up to 750 watts in the U.S. -- the equivalent of 1 horsepower!)

The beautiful thing about this is that you can choose the amount of juice coming from the motor. When you stop pedaling, it stops working, so you’ll never have to worry about losing any control.  

How does it work?

Pedal assist uses a cadence sensor built into the drive train of the bike. The sensor detects when the rider is revolving the pedals and signals the electric motor to provide the level of pedal assistance that has been selected.

How many levels are there?

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Most of our bikes range from 1-5. You can also set it to 0 to get a feel for how the bike operates without it, or just to get a really good workout in.

However, every once in a while, something might goes wrong on the E-Bike, and you might find that the  pedal assistance doesn’t work, there are some specific things that you can try before resorting to the dreaded visit to the repair shop. Or at the very least you will be able to identify the source of the problem to get it resolved faster.

2. Ebike Pedal-assist Trouble

Arguably the highlight of an electric bicycle, pedal-assist can give you anywhere from just 25% of power to your pedal, up to 200%. There are almost no personal causes unless we’re talking about a loose wire or magnet.


Pedal assist is not engaging.


Issues that come up with pedal assist will usually involve the sensor, magnets getting dislocated or misaligned or an issue with the pedal-assist detector’s mounting.

Dislocated magnets, check that the magnet ring is close enough to the pedal-assist sensor. Sometimes the magnet ring gets knocked out of alignment and starts to wobble.

Before solving the problem, we recommend a thorough inspection of your brake system and your electronics. Please follow the steps below:

  • Stop at a safe location

  • Reboot your system by turning the bike off and on again (both the battery and the LCD). Be sure your LCD shows no Error Codes.

  • Test throttle

  • If the throttle is still not functioning, bypass the throttle and use the walk function to see if the motor can spin. To use the Walk Function, push and hold the "-" assist button for 3 seconds. The motor should spin slowly at walking speed.

  • If still no response from throttle or walk mode, proceed to unplug both of the brake sensor cables on the 4-1 cable harness.

  • Test the throttle (whichever one is supplied with your e-bike)

  • If the throttle works, it means that there may be an issue with the brake sensor system.If there's still no response there might be an issue with the 4-1 wire harness cable or the throttle is defective.


You can adjust this with simple tools and be on your way quickly and easily. Just use your hands or a flat head screwdriver to push the disc closer to the bottom bracket sensor.

Pedal-assist detector mounted too far from disc: flip the E-Bike over and try bending the metal bracket holding the pedal-assist detector and check its alignment with the disc. Visually inspect the magnet ring for dirt or damage. The magnets on the ring should be clear and unobstructed to send a strong signal to the sensor.

The problem will happen on daily life, but, riding a pedal assist bike also is a great way to start your day. The fresh air and light exercise puts you in a good mood for work. It is also a great stress reliever during your ride home.

3. Why is ebike pedal assist beneficial?

Pedal assist is beneficial to all riders because it allows them to ride farther, faster, conquer hills, and overcome physical limitations. With a freedom to change the level of pedal assist, riders can decide how much exercise they want, when they want to push themselves, and they will no longer be afraid of steep hills. While some riders say pedal assist is cheating, we disagree because we find that pedal assist helps riders extend their distance and time on a bike as well as ride tougher terrain which they may have previously avoided. No matter a riders' starting physical level, pedal assist can encourage riders to spend more time being active and find an exercise routine that works for them. Over time, the level of pedal assist chosen may drop from level 5 to level 2 and riders will feel more confident riding at their own assist level.

Additionally, pedal assist helps commuters beat traffic and arrive to work faster while still feeling fresh and ready for work. With pedal assist, commuters can step off the bike with little sweat and higher levels of energy to take on the work day! Overall, pedal assist makes biking accessible to the majority and adds some fun, especially when riding at 20mph or flying up the hill you always avoided!

4. Conclusion

As you’ve seen throughout this article, throttle problems are very common when it comes to e-bikes. More importantly, those problems can be caused by a wide range of reasons. That’s why e-bike owners must know how to troubleshoot their bikes properly before getting them fixed.Here’s a general tip when trying to troubleshoot and fix an e-bike with a throttle problem: always start by checking the parts that are easiest to fix. Doing that will rule out many possible causes early on and prevent you from accidentally purchasing expensive spare parts you might not actually need.

Last of all, never be afraid to bring your bike back to the shop and ask a qualified person for help. Whatever throttle problem you’re facing, they’ve probably seen it a hundred times already. Better yet, they could troubleshoot and fix it for you in a jiffy!