Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal
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Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal

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Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal

Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal

Electric bikes are designed with a speed limiter. It ensures the bike doesn’t go faster than the permissible speed. However, many people find it insufficient because when the bike reaches its limit the engine will automatically turn off. Therefore, we will show how to remove speed limiter on electric bike and the risk of remove speed limiter in this article.

Before we remove it, we need to learn about speed delimiting and how does it  work

1. What Is A Speed Limiter On An E-bike?

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An electric bike has a built-in electric sensor to detect the e-bike’s speed. Once the sensor picks up on the speed, it transfers this data to the e-bike’s electric central controller. The electric bike’s central controller will use the information provided by the sensor to decide the maximum electric assistance the e-bike needs.

For instance, if an electric bike with a 20mph top speed is going at 15mph, the electric central controller would permit the required additional electrical assistance. As a result, the electric bike will be able to pick up more speed till it reaches 20mph. When an electric bike rider tries to push the electric bike beyond its permitted top speed, the electric central controller reacts by turning the e-bike’s motor off. As a result, the electric bike cannot use any additional electrical assistance to go faster.

All electric bikes in the UK are subject to an assisted speed limit of 15.5mph. And in the USA, the federal speed limit for eBikes is 20 miles per hour or less under motor power alone.

Although  speed delimitation is illegal in some country, if you really want to go faster, here is how you can remove the speed limiter on your ebike.

2. Electric bike speed limiter removal

We will show you how to remove speed limiter on electric bikes. Basically, there are Four methods used for removing the limiter:

Method 1: The Hand Method

ebike speed limiter removal

The hand method trick is used to basically manipulate the data about the e-bike’s speed that the sensor picks up and sends to the central controller. Once the wrong data regarding the electric bike’s top speed is detected and passed on to the central controller, it is no longer triggered to react by shutting the motor off.

In order to modify the data detected by the sensor, one has to alter:

The Electric Bike’s Rear Wheel’s Magnet Position

One has to remove the electric bike’s rear wheel’s magnet and move it somewhere else. Ideally, the magnet should be reattached to the electric bike’s pedal bracket.

Moreover, instead of putting in the same magnet, one can replace it with a neodymium magnet. This magnet is much stronger than an electric bike’s original rear wheel magnet.

The Electric Bike Frame’s Base Sensor

Once the person has removed and relocated the electric bike’s rear-wheel magnet, the second step is to remove and reposition the e-bike frame’s base sensor. Once the frame’s base sensor is removed, it needs to be moved and reattached upside down. It should be attached so that it faces the e-bike relocated magnet.

Doing so will increase the distance between the e-bike’s sensor and the magnet. Consequently, the sensor will receive lesser signals, and the e-bike’s actual speed will not be detected accurately.

As a result, modified information will be transferred to the e-bike’s central controller, and the motor will keep providing electrical assistance.

Method 2: Disconnecting the Wires Attached to the Sensor

The second method to remove an electric bike’s speed limiter is by disconnecting the wires that connect the built-in sensor to the rest of the system. Many electric bike owners tend to stick to the first (hand) method due to the difficulty of the second method.

This method involves cutting the connective wiring between the sensor and the electric central controller.

Method 3: Modifying the Speed Data by Using the Electric Bike’s Tool Kits

ebike speed limiter removal tool kit

Many companies have designed and manufactured special electric bike tool kits to help riders get the most out of their e-bikes. These kits are designed to hinder the e-bike’s speed-limiting process. It involves modifying the electric bike’s detected speed data to fool the central controller into allowing additional electrical assistance.

However, this method is far more technical than the hand method. There are two types of electric bike tool kits available in the market to remove an electric bike’s speed limiter:

Type 1: Disassembling of the Electric Bike’s Electrical Circuit

The type one tool kit is usually introduced with the e-bike’s system and requires disassembling the electric bike’s electrical circuit. The advantage of using this tool kit is that the disassembly is not permanent, and the kit can easily be deactivated.

Type 2: Attaching the Electric Bike Tool Kit to the E-bike’s Main Sensor

This tool kit is relatively easier to use and comes with a detailed instructions manual. It does not involve disassembling the electric circuit. Instead, one must attach the electric bike tool kit to the e-bike’s main speed data sensor.

Method4: Meter unlock function

All Merry Gold ebikes have a meter that automatically lifts the speed limit. You can lift the speed limit at the meter by following the instructions. Showing you some ebikes with a meter that automatically lifts the speed limit




Beach cruiser









The four ways will help you to solve speed limiter, but limitations of speed are not a bad thing. Speeds are regulated to ensure you are riding safely and obey the traffic rules on public roads.

3. Is It a Smart Decision to Remove the Speed Limiter of an Electric Bike?

The ebike risk

ebike injury ebike speed limiter removal

The significant risk of removing a speed limiter or controller from the electric bike is the extra speed you get while riding. Moving at high speed can be dangerous as you are more likely to hurt yourself. You may lose your balance, and injure yourself when moving at a faster pace.

For instance, a bike moving at a speed of 30 miles per hour will cause more four times more damage than a bike moving at 15 mph. Similarly, a bike moving at 60 miles per hour will cause 16 times the damage. Moving at a faster speed increases the risk and injury factors exponentially.

The original brakes installed are carefully placed and properly adjusted to handle speed within the range. They may stop working or be wasteful when moving at a faster speed. Removing the speed limiter from the bike will not increase its power. It will only remove the restriction applied on your bike. It will be further allowing it to operate at a higher speed. The speed of your electric bike depends upon its built.

The injury risk

Another significant impact of moving at a fast speed is the limit on the braking distance. If you fail to correctly compute or analyze the ideal braking distance, it may lead to major injuries.

Every year there are plenty of reported injuries and accidents which are related to an electric bike. Mostly the patient is the person riding the bike, and in some cases, it’s the people walking on the streets or pathways. The primary reason for these accidents or crashes is the speed of an electric bike.

4. Conclusion

The process of getting rid of a speed limiter is easy. However, removing the speed limiter is not a safe thing to do. Before that make sure you know the laws related to electric bikes. You have to be confident about controlling the speed. Don’t forget to use safety gear while riding at high speed. The high speed will be worth nothing if you injure yourself.