Why beach cruiser bikes are so awesome
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Why beach cruiser bikes are so awesome

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Why beach cruiser bikes are so awesome

Why beach cruiser bikes are so awesome

We see the beach cruiser everywhere today, from sandy coasts to quiet neighborhoods. Its design continues to see improvement as a labor of love. The spirit of the beach cruiser, that of comfort and easy riding, has been taken even further by the creation of e-bikes. A beach cruiser e-bike is the ultimate expression of the comfortable, easy-riding dream of the past while still providing the exercise people desire. The e-bike also addresses concerns of sustainability and affordability. The beach cruiser remains part of the two-wheeled culture of America, and as an e-bike, it's certain to stay for years to come. Today, we will probe electric beach cruiser, including its history, structure, and how to carry it.

1. Why do they call it a beach cruiser and its history

History describes the original cruiser bikes were designed as part of a line of bikes that mimicked US Navy ships. However, the cruiser was the only one that stuck. How fun is it,Let's explore his origin.

beach cruiser

Origin of name

Do you know why they call it a beach cruiser? The beach cruiser bicycle is an icon of the United States, associated with bright sunshine and a wonderful time. These bikes represent freedom and a carefree ride down an open road. But despite their reputation now, people once thought of bicycles as luxuries that not everyone could afford. They were fragile and expensive toys owned by the wealthy. The beach cruiser was originally designed to bring the joy of bicycling to everyone by being sturdy, easy to ride, and easily purchased. The story begins back in the 1930s, when the beach cruiser's predecessors were conceived by Schwinn. Next, Let’s look back at the history of beach cruiser bike.

The History of Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes have been around for decades and made their first appearance in the 1930s, during the Great Depression era of the United States.Frank W. Schwinn was one of the pioneers who helped shape the cruiser bikes we ride today. Schwinn was inspired to create a bicycle that was more durable and affordable than existing bikes on the market, this would allow him to open up a new portion of the market and compete with industry competitors.Throughout their tortuous lifetime in the biking world, the cruiser bike’s popularity has fluctuated significantly. The 1950s decade was perhaps one of the most renowned eras for the cruiser bike’s popularity.

As more competitor bike companies manufactured the cruiser model, these stylish bikes were developed to be more and more adept for beach riding. This contributed to their popularity as a staple for tourists and beach enthusiasts alike.

How Have Cruiser Bikes Progressed Over the Years?

Although there was a decline in usage in the 1960s after more lightweight bikes reached and became more popular within the marketplace ranks, cruiser bikes have been steadily resurfacing in popularity since the 1970s. In the present day, inexperienced cyclists immediately find cruisers enjoyable, due to their ease of use and lack of complex parts. Many older cyclists return to cruiser bikes to reminisce of the stylish bicycles from their childhood and to enjoy the more relaxed riding position they offer!

Fat Tires and wide raised handlebars are the most important bike parts for truly comfortable cruiser bikes. To take a standard beach cruiser as an example, we will share why it popular on market.

2. 26 inch bike rims and tires for beach cruiser and wide raised handlebar

Standard beach cruiser tires are almost always 26”. For kids, teen bikes, some women’s bikes and some Chopper / Low rider cruisers, the tires may be 20” or 24”.  Some cruisers may also sport the larger 29” tires. And most of them, they also have wide raised handlebar.

beach cruiser bikes tire_size_480x480

Beach cruiser tire

The tires of a cruiser bike also have a big part to play in terms of riding comfort. Balloon tires are the most common form found on the bikes, as these can roll over debris more easily, without getting punctures (that’s not to say that they are unable to get punctures, it’s just harder for this to happen with this type of tire). Balloon tires are a little wider than regular tires found on other types of bikes. This adds stability and makes riding much smoother and easier, especially when riding over sand that may have blown up onto the promenade.

If you see a cruiser bike, it is more than likely going to have these tires. As the same time, wide handlebar is also the symbol of beach cruiser.

Beach cruiser handlebar

beach cruiser bikes (3)

They are generally quite tall and bend towards the rider in order to create a more comfortable steering position, without causing the rider to bend forward, maintaining the upright riding style of the bike. The long flared handlebars a cruiser bike uses are one of the main reasons why these bikes are so comfortable. The stem of a cruiser bike lifts the handlebars higher than on the majority of other bicycles. This elevated position provides a better posture for the rider, decreasing strain on the spine and upper body.

The only downfall to this type of bike is that it is not the fastest bike out there. It is generally used for more recreational purposes, like going to the market or riding around town, or riding on the boardwalk at the beach. So we need carry the bike with car and learn how to put the beach cruiser on car.

3. bike rack for beach cruiser

how exactly do I put my new beach cruiser on the bike rack. While each rack and bike is unique with different specifications, there are some steps that you can use to help you get your bike on the rack no matter what type you have. If, at any point, one of these steps does not seem to be quite right, double-check the manual.

beach cruiser bikes-2

Open the Rack

Before you even touch your bike, you need to open your rack. Depending on the brand or type you buy, you may use a variety of different methods to open it. The process you should use will be in the manual. If you do not have one, you can look online or contact the manufacturer.

However, most bike racks are relatively similar. When it is open, the top tubes should be upright. Some bike rack brands have specific points where you can attach the bike to the rack. If this is the case, you need to make sure the frame of the bike lines up to those points.

Connect it to Your Vehicle

This part can seem overwhelming. Your rack may have a lot of straps, and you may be completely unsure as to which one does what, but each one is important. As you go about attaching the rack to your car, you need to be cautious.

It is easy to damage your car if you do not attach the bike rack correctly. Even if it is not damaged now, if it is not attached correctly, it could cause damage as you are driving down the road.

You want to attach the straps one at a time. It is a good idea to do this with at least one other person, if not more. This way, the process will go faster, and there will be people to hold the rack and bike in place while you work.

The straps you have and the purpose they fulfill will vary based on your bike rack, but there are a few common ones. First, the top tubes and straps are generally used to secure the tires.

You do not want the tires spinning freely as you drive, and these straps prevent that from happening. There will also most likely be horizontal straps that will make sure your bike stays securely in place as you make turns.

If your bike rack is attached to your trailer hitch and is more of a permanent type connection generally, you will just need to attach the bike with the securing straps after the bike rack is secured to hang it and remove it

Fragile Parts of a Beach Cruiser on a Bike Rack

If you have any add-ons to your bike’s frame like bumpers, lights, or baskets, you need to make sure to individually secure these parts as they are much more fragile than your bike’s steel frame. You will need to make sure the straps do not crush these parts, and you can add padding around them for extra protection. If they are removable parts, that is always a great option.

Additional Straps

If you are afraid that your bike could fall off, you can add additional straps to provide extra security and give you more comfort. You can wrap these straps around the frame of the bike and then attach them to the car itself.

There are usually places around the bumper or where the bike rack is attached to the vehicle that you can use to secure your straps. While this is not typically necessary as most bike racks provide you with all the security you need, it can give you extra peace of mind.

4. Conclusion

Even though there are plenty of electric bicycle options out there, few can compare to the electric beach cruiser bikes in terms of style and comfort. While they may not be the fastest way to get around on two wheels, they are certainly one of the most enjoyable, especially if you opt for the beach cruiser electric bike that will provide you with much more flexibility. It will not only help the person to stay more active and get around more easily, but will also serve as a way to stay healthy, explore beautiful nature, and make new friends in the process.