Charging e bike battery with a generator
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Charging e bike battery with a generator

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Charging e bike battery with a generator

The e-bike is a great way to travel and a fun accessory for campers who can ride them to the camping site. Navigating nearby towns and attending local events is easier with an e-bike. In addition to providing exercise, these bikes are a great way to get around the campground. So the next time you ride your e-bike for a camping trip, you need consider some factors of e bike, like e bike power, it will affect your camping experience.

1. Consider Power When Purchasing an Electric Bike for Camping

Purchasing an electric bike can be confusing. There are many factors and features to consider when determining the best ebike for your camping. For the first, the most important is the motor power and ride range. The units of electric power are watt-hours, which is how many watts can be delivered for an hour by the battery. More powerful batteries will take a longer time to charge.

Motor Power

While power in a car is usually measured in “horsepower,” the power of an electric bike motor is measured in watts. Most ebike motors range from 250 to 900 watts. The higher watts, the more power. More power means that the bike will accelerate quicker and go faster. However, other factors, such as overall bike weight, will affect acceleration. Higher watt motors will also pull more on the battery and cause them to drain quicker.

Ebikes energy is stored in the battery and fed to the bike’s electric motor to create power. The other important concept with eBikes is ride range, which determines how frequent we charge.

How far can I go on a single charge?

Usually, the box where your e-bike first came from says how far can they go with just one charge. It’s not an exact number because that’s not taking into consideration how you ride, where you ride, and how much you pedal.

Some of the factors that influence how far your electric bike can go are:

a. How hard you are pedaling and at what speed you are going;

b. The level of assistance you are using (if any);

c. How much you weigh and if you carry extra luggage;

d. How many times you stop and start;

e. If you have to face constant hills or flat terrains;

f. The weather (usually sunny days offer 15% more range than rainy ones);

g. The tire’s pressure (soft tires are always less efficient);

h. How heavy the e-bike’s motor and battery are;

i. The type of battery you are using.

An e-bike battery is measured by its voltage (V) and ampere-hours (Ah) rating. To calculate the Wh of an e-bike battery, we simply multiply V and Ah to get Wh.

For example, When an e bike battery is 52V 13Ah, we can calculate the range.

Amp Hours=13Ah, Volts=52V, Watt-Hours=676Wh

Riding style



Economy riding



Medium speed riding



Fast speed riding



Aggressive riding



Race track mode



When your battery is exhausted, you need to charge it in time, otherwise it will affect your trip. But there is no charging environment like indoors, so it is a good choice to have a generator to charge.

2.How to charge e bike battery with a generator?

When you camp, travel, or live off grid, you can charge an electric bike with a generator. However, the generator must supply the same watts that your e-bike battery needs to charge fully. Before charging e bike battery with a generator, we need know the watts of your e bike.

e bike battery generator

How Many Watts Does It Take to Charge an Electric Bike?

The wattage of the generator is a measure of how much electrical power it can produce in an hour. This number is important to know when you are charging your battery with a generator. This is because if the output wattage isn’t high enough, then it takes longer for the e-bike’s battery to charge. Or, the battery won’t reach its full charge at all. For example, if you have an electric road bike with a 500 Watt battery, then you’ll need a generator with more than 500 Watts of output to charge the battery fully. According to an e bike watts, we recommend some generator for your reference: (Click on the words to reach Amazon product and make a purchase )

Electric Bike Watts





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Never use a less capable generator to charge an electric bike. This will not only limit the functionality of the e-bike but will also reduce its lifespan gradually. Once you know how many watts ebike needs to charge and have suitable generator, you need to know how to safely charge e bike with the generator.

How Do You Use Generator to charge e bike battery

The charging process begins with the power connectors. You can also call them charging cables. If you have a power outlet in place, start by plugging one end of the power connectors into it. After doing that, link the other end of the power connectors to the electric bike’s battery. Your Rated watts generator should be getting ready to come on at this stage. Once you have done all the connections the right way, turn the generator on. Without further delay, your battery should begin to charge immediately. To reduce the risk that comes with direct current. For that reason, you can wait about 15 minutes after you turn on the generator before the connection.

Source from YouTube- solaraeng (Charge your E-Bike Anywhere!!!)

The ebike tires is another factor of riding for camping. The type of tire you have on your electric bike for camping will depend upon the type of terrain you plan to ride. For example, a bike with road bike tires will not generate enough traction from the wheel to push the bike forward on a beach, regardless of the power of the motor and the capacity of the battery.

3.Ebike tire for camping will depend upon the type of terrain you plan to ride.

Electric bikes require tires that are durable enough to support the extra weight of a larger frame, battery, and additional components, such as the motor and controller. There are three type tire for camping riding.

Fat Tires:

Fat tires are ideal for traveling on soft terrains such as sand and snow. If you plan to ride your bike at the beach, fat tires are what you want. It is nearly impossible to ride on the beach with narrow ties because they get bogged down in the soft sand. Fat tires can be used on smooth pavement, but they will not go as fast as narrow tires. These tires can be slightly more challenging to pedal on a flat smooth surface, but that is not a big drawback since you have pedal assist.

fat tire ebike

Mountain Bike Tires:

Most mountain bike tires have a larger diameter than a traditional road tire, but they are not as large as a fat tire. Mountain bike tires are generally made to be ridden off-road, over rough terrain, and are made to be tougher and less likely to puncture. Like fat tires, mountain bike tires can be used on flat pavement, though you will give up speed and comfort. Most mountain bike tires are not made to be ridden on soft surfaces such as sand.

moutain ebike tire

Road Tires:

Road tires are more narrow than the other tires and are designed to be used on flat hard surfaces. Road tires are difficult to ride on other terrains. However, if you expect to do all of your riding on paved roads, they are ideal. These tires are more comfortable, go faster, and are easier to pedal than fat tires or mountain bike tires.

road tire ebike


Generators have long been used as a backup source of electricity and are also useful for charging bicycle batteries. Having a generator is perfect if you are concerned about the battery dying while riding. Just make sure your generator has as many watts or more than your electric bike.