How To Fix Electric Bike Display Not Working
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How To Fix Electric Bike Display Not Working

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How To Fix Electric Bike Display Not Working

If you have an electric bike that has been gathering dust in your garage, you may want to get it out and start using it again. However, if you notice that the display screen on your bike isn't working.

It may make it hard to know how much battery power you have left or how fast you are going when you're riding around town.

This article will give you some suggestions about how to fix an electric bike display not working.

1. What is an electric bike display?

You'll find most road eBikes have a screen positioned at the front of the bike, usually in the middle of the handlebars. This screen is essentially your electric bike's brain and is there to display important stats and information about your bike ride.

From here, you can see:

  • The current speed of your bike

  • The maximum speed of your bike

  • The average speed of your current cycle

  • The single trip distance

  • Overall distance covered

  • Remaining battery life of your eBike battery

Our display offers 2 viewing angles with a comfortable viewing screen, acting as your personal trainer and pushing you to be the best every ride – or simply telling you important and interesting information about your ride. Below is our ebike display:

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         electric bike display not working-4                                                 electric bike display not working-3

Electric bike display not working is a common problem faced by many electric bike riders. Following is the common reason of your ebike display Malfunctioning.

2. Reasons you're electric bike display not working

A dead battery also can be a reason. But, it's too rare that the display stopped working because of a defective circuit or screen.Whatever the problem is, you need to diagnose the bike to identify and fix the problem. Let's dig out the reasons so that you can do it perfectly.

  • Empty battery: As the power flow starts here, it's good to start with the battery. If the battery is too low or empty, the display won't light up after switching the bike ON.

  • Loose connections: Most commonly, display blackouts appear because of loose connections through the wiring. There are six or more wires attached to the circuit. Whenever one or more of them is disconnected or loose, the display can stop functioning.

  • Broken teeth/prong: Connectors connect the bike computer with the battery and controller. If a single tooth of that connector breaks, the display won't work. Besides, broken prongs of the battery system prevent the flow of electricity from reaching the computer. Thus, the display can stop working.

  • Controller malfunction: Controller is one of the most important parts of the electric bike. You can turn on/off the bike, accelerate or brake with it. If the controller is not functioning well, the display will flick or won’t work.

  • Defective  Switches: A power button is mounted on the throttle to turn the bike on. The display also has functional keys to on/off or set/reset itself. If at least one of these buttons gets damaged, turning the display on won't be possible.

  • Blown fuse: Because of overload, electrical parts heat a lot. As a result, the fuse gets blown. Not only the fuse but any type of wire can also burn out due to overheating. In these cases, the display stops working.

  • Defective IC/screen: In very few cases, the problem is inherent inside the bike computer. It can be a corrupted integrated circuit or a broken screen.

Are you having problems with your electric bike display? If so, don't worry – you're not alone! A lot of people have been reporting this issue, and luckily, there are some ways to fix it.

3. How to fix an electric bike display

Before starting the real repair work, you should try a quick fix one last time. Most of the time, the monitor will be fixed. So, let us know what you should try.

  • Charge the battery: The battery needs to be charged to light up the display. Therefore, you must make sure that there is enough power in the battery. Before doing so, please check the battery level. You can check with the battery level indicator. If your e-bike battery does not have a battery level indicator, use a voltmeter to determine the level. If the charge is below 40%, charge the battery and try turning the monitor on again.

  • Set-Reset: Sometimes, the display can be fixed by fine-tuning. So you have to try to fix the display by setting and resetting. First, reset the bike computer. To do this, press and hold the power button and the function button at the same time for 5 seconds. In this way, the display can light up. If this hack fails, reset the connector. Disconnect all of them and reconnect. Therefore, the display can be fixed.

If you can't fix your monitor using the tips above, get a professional solution. The following tips can help you solve the problem. But before that, you must have some necessary tools and supplies ready. It is necessary to do the job easily and perfectly.

The basic tools you will need:

  • Screwdriver Set: A must-have repair tool for opening and accessing various bicycle parts.

  • Soldering Iron Kit: It is necessary to connect the wires with the connectors. Also, modifying the circuit is impossible without a soldering iron.

  • Wire Connectors: Get some compatible wire connectors. You may need them if you notice broken connectors in your controller.

Tip 1: Correct electrical faults

As I said before, loose connections are the main cause of display power outages. That's why it's best to start by eliminating electrical faults. Let's do it right step by step.

First, find every wire splice through the bike. Whether it's a motor, a battery throttle, or a computer. Then, identify the disconnect or loose connection and reconnect. You can also replace the wiring if it is badly damaged or burnt.
Second, take the controller out of the bike frame. It is mainly located near the battery management system. First, loosen the panel screws and remove them. Then take a photo of the controller panel. So you can remember the wiring alignment. Now disconnect all cables and remove the controller from the bike.
Finally, look for damaged wires and connectors. If you find any problem, please adjust or fix it. Replace them if they are badly damaged or beyond repair. After that, don't reinstall the controller and follow the next prompt.
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Tip 2: Swap components

Sometimes things go wrong beyond repair. So it's better to swap some components that are causing too many problems. In this case, you can name the controller a swappable component. However, replacing the controller is a bit expensive. Instead, you can replace the MOSFET and save some money.

First, get some MOSFETs. Typically, 6 or more MOSFETs are installed on the controller. However, you must match the input and output voltages of the new MOSFET to the old MOSFET. Also, check the resistance provided by these MOSFETs.

Finally, replace the damaged MOSFET. Before doing so, remove the controller case and take out the circuit. Now, cut the old MOSFET with small needle nose pliers. Then, place new MOSFETs according to the circuit. Finally, connect the MOSFETs by soldering.

Tip 3: Replacing the bike computer

If the monitor's IC or screen is defective, I recommend that you do not repair it yourself. Instead, you should leave it to an electrician who is good at repair work.

4. Conclusion

There are many potential reasons why your electric bike display might not be working. Before taking your bike into a shop, be sure to try some of the basic troubleshooting tips we've outlined in this article. If you're still having problems after trying those tips, then it's probably time to take your bike in for a closer look. Thanks for reading!