Are Electric Bikes Loud? Do E-bikes Make Noise?
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Are Electric Bikes Loud? Do E-bikes Make Noise?

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Are Electric Bikes Loud? Do E-bikes Make Noise?

Before purchasing a great electric bike, consumers may wonder just how loud these machines can be during use. These customers can be concerned that the bike will end up frustrating neighbors and roommates. Generally speaking, e-bikes are not extremely loud, even when the motor is being accessed. The overall noise output is typically just slightly higher than what would be heard with a traditional bicycle. The noise level is much lower than what can be heard from a motorcycle or other forms of personal transport. Which is why it is also important to learn more about how electric bikes work as well. In this article, we will introduce where the ebike loud are from.

1. When to worry about e-bike noise?

Generally, if you hear clanking or squeaking sounds, you want to address whatever issue is causing those sounds before continuing your ride. So, for instance, if you hear your brakes squealing, the best thing you can do is try to diagnose what is wrong with the brakes before getting back on the bike.

If your calipers are misaligned and you choose not to fix them, you put yourself at risk of crashing into someone or something. Also, for those who use hub-drive e-bikes, if you hear a strange sound coming from the wheel where the motor is situated, the first thing you want to do is stop the bike and then proceed to inspect where the noise is coming from.

Hub-motors tend to work the spokes of wheels where they’re fitted into loose. If your wheel gets damaged while you’re riding it might lead to you falling off your bike and hurting yourself. So, pay attention to your surroundings when riding.

As we have talked about just above, an e-bike has more components than a traditional bike. Two major component that contributes to this new light noise is an electric motor and chain.

2. Where Does eBike Noise Come from?

Literally every component on a bicycle (electric or analog) is capable of generating some level of noise.However, there are some components that give off noise as a result of their natural operation.

Below are some of the components on an electric bike that make noise.

Motor Noise

ebike motor noise

The first and the most noticeable noise that comes from the E-bike is the motor noise. Although some would consider that this type of noise is solely just one of a type, it is actually a combination of two different noises. How is that exactly? Well, the first type of noise is mechanical noise. This noise is caused by the bearing of the shaft. This comes due to the rotation speed motors, which are usually faster about 10-50 times than their ICE. That is why the noise can be loud. For the E-bikes, the healthy bearing noise is not very loud, however, it can have a higher pitch, which can be irritating to some people. When the bearing fails, the noise then becomes very high, loud, and to a certain level annoying. Another thing is the gear hub motors. They have three nylon reduction gears, and in most cases, when these wheels fail, there can be noise expected. That is because they are under excessive load and the nylon gears can break or melt. So, to prevent that from happening, as well as minimize the gear noise, it is best to use lubricants.

Chain Noise

ebike chain noise

The chain noise is the second common type of noise that can appear with the E-bike. Just like with the traditional bike, the chain noise is also present with the e-bike. Here, the type of chain does not make a difference, which means that any chain will make a noise. The larger the chain, the louder the noise will become, which is an expected thing. Also, the quality of the chain contributes greatly to the noise. A chain with poor quality will produce more noise. This comes because this type of chain has more contact with the gears. This contact will not be very smooth, especially during the process of loading or unloading gears. The chain should be repaired as much as possible and frequently, and that way, the chain noise will be reduced.

After you’ve been able to pinpoint which component is constituting a nuisance on your electric bike, your next course of action will be to fix whatever is causing the noise.

3. Is there a way to reduce e-bike noise?

I did not find any chart that shows the exact decibels of sound that an e-bike makes. A practical way to determine how noisy an e-bike will be is by going to the shop where you want to buy it and requesting a test ride.

This is definitely worth the while.  You not only get to hear the sound of the bike, but you also have a feel of what the handling and accessories look like. You can also search for this e-bike model on trustworthy internet platforms and read what the earlier owners have to say about it.

With all the discussion above, it is worth noting that modern models of e-bikes do not really make any significant level of noise. When riding a new e-bike, you are likely to more hear the sound of the wind. And this sound will overshadow the sound of the motor and that of the tires.

Just like we already know, maintenance is the key, make sure that all the nuts, bolts, and clips are tight at all times. Do not add unnecessary third-party accessories.  Keep the moving parts of the E-bike greased and lubricated at all times.

If one compares e-bike that has been converted using a conversion kit and e-bikes that are originally produced as e-bikes, the latter are usually less noisy.

Below is two type of less noisy ebike from Merrygo:

Merrygo MG03 Electric Folding Bike


Merrygo Beach Cruiser-F Electric Beach Cruiser


4. Conclusion

In general, e-bikes are designed and built with the idea that they are quieter than gasoline powered motors such as motors and mopeds. While the comparison here may not be appropriate, there is still some noise that can be expected since e-bikes are much quieter than the vehicles mentioned above. It comes from the motor and chain, but again, it is not unnerving, annoying or loud. Choosing the right e-bike depends on the individual deciding how much noise is enough noise and how much noise can actually be tolerated. With proper care and maintenance, an electric bike will maintain its excellent functionality, which is also reflected in keeping the noise down and having a potentially quiet ride.