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Ebike Pedal Assist Malfunctioning

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08 - 30
How To Fix Ebike Pedal Assist Malfunctioning?
As you’ve seen throughout this article, throttle problems are very common when it comes to e-bikes. More importantly, those problems can be caused by a wide range of reasons. That’s why e-bike owners must know how to troubleshoot their bikes properly before getting them fixed.Here’s a general tip when trying to troubleshoot and fix an e-bike with a throttle problem: always start by checking the parts that are easiest to fix. Doing that will rule out many possible causes early on and prevent you from accidentally purchasing expensive spare parts you might not actually need. Last of all, never be afraid to bring your bike back to the shop and ask a qualified person for help. Whatever throttle problem you’re facing, they’ve probably seen it a hundred times already. Better yet, they could troubleshoot and fix it for you in a jiffy
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